Upcoming Workshops

FutureNous is working with Thinking Futures, a Melbourne based futures consultancy on a series of seminars and workshops designed to help build your individual and organisational foresight capacity.  If you are intreste din moving beyond business as usual to develop a high growth, innovative business intiatives these are must attend events.

Article in The Futurist

In July 2008, Elizabeth presented at the World Future Society’s annual conference in Chicago.  The topic for the collaborative session was 2075: the Post-Scarcity World.  If you are interested in the presentation or the journal article please contact us  requesting a copy and we will be happy to send one through.

This presentation and journal article resulted in a article in the January-February edition of The Futurist.  A copy of which can be downloaded here.

Article in The New Exchange

Elizabeth has recently has an article published in the Summer Edition of The New Exchange about the forced driving change over the next 20 years.  It is an excellent discussion piece and a useful starting point for those organisations wanting to explore the future and develop robust strategies.  Please contact us to receive a complementary copy of the magazine.

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