Do you have confidence in your strategic planning process?  Are you focused on the short term opportunities? What about the long term opportunities?  Do you find the same suggestions get tabled year after year?  We can help you fully realise the benefits of the strategic planning  process.

Planning for the Future

Regardless of where your company is in the development cycle, just starting out or the industry leader, a view of the future is essential to develop effective strategy. Maybe your growth has slowed or your profits are no longer increasing? Are you thinking of entering new markets or looking for new products? Wanting to expand your customer base or increase your revenues from existing customers? All of these things have one thing in common, they will take place in the future.

How We can Help

We can assist your organisation in the early stages of strategy formulation with the use of strategic foresight to stimulate your strategic thinking. Strategic thinking is about defining your strategic intent. It provides a perspective about the long-term market, your organisation’s competitive position and the goals you hope to achieve over a defined period of time. This often results in new previously unconsidered options being generated and can help organisations which previously believed their strategic options may have been limited.

Through the use of environmental scanning we can help you develop the capability to monitor external conditions to better prioritise and time your strategic initiatives. Environmental scanning can assist you to optimise:

  • The timing of market entry or exit
  • Where to focus product development activities
  • Your understanding and analysis of current trends.

If you are wondering how successful your current strategy might be and would like to review it, or “stress-test” it under a variety of future conditions, scenario development is an excellent way to visualise and assess how your organisation might perform in a variety of future conditions.

As the world becomes more interconnected, and the systems we operate within become more complex, change is driven from a variety of sources. Scenarios are a great tool to integrate the complexity into a useful manner which can be clearly communicated. The scenarios are then used to test and evaluate both your current strategy as well as other initiatives you might be considering.

Your strategy development and strategic planning can become a more robust process. Your organisation can be more proactive and aware of external forces by integrating an external view of the environment into your strategic planning and operations. If you would like to explore how FutureNous can assist your organisation, please complete our contact form.

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