Fact: Most technology impacting your business over the next 10 years already exists somewhere; in a laboratory, small business, university and may already be in current academic and trade journals.

Implication: Therefore the challenge for most organisations is to be able to see and utilise the implications of these technologies before your competition does.

Need to generate new product ideas? Have too many ideas and need to know where to focus your time and resources for the best chance of success? Wondering how much longer your current products will be successful? Needing to regenerate your current offerings to increase growth?

Any initiatives you are working on now, will be delivered and marketed in the future, most likely for many years. We can help you to explore what those market conditions may be, what products will be needed in these conditions and help you identify and prioritise where to focus your efforts.

Using strategic foresight we use a qualitative approach to integrate and interpret what the current trends and issues may mean for your customers and organisation in the future. Using scenario development, all the data you have accumulated and extrapolated, but aren’t quite sure how to interpret in terms of interactions and the complexity and uncertainty of what the future may hold, can be integrated into future environments which area easily understood and communicated. Scenarios can be used to provide indicators to monitor for conditions which signal the timing for market entry or exit.

We can assist your team to implement environmental scanning to not only confirm and support initiatives, but also to look for conflicting information and early signs of change which may indicate opportunities and risks for promising products and provide advantages for early market entry.

We can assist you to envision and model how markets might develop, how your competition might react and anticipate your future customer needs to provide you with a competitive advantage.

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