We focus on strategic innovation, defined as innovation which fundamentally alters the products, markets, or customers you service.

We can assist you to identify new revenue opportunities through expansion into new geographies or through the introduction of new products or services to your existing customers. By incorporating environmental scanning capabilities your organisation can monitor trends, issues and events to discern the patterns and enable the early identification of both opportunities and risks. In a rapidly changing world, this early identification can allow your organisation time to prepare and develop an appropriate course of action.

Strategic foresight creates a neutral space, the future, to facilitate strategic discussions. It promotes engagement across the organisation, can eliminate barriers and challenge your current mental models. Your organisation can move beyond the limits of your current thinking and assumptions and develop your ability to create strategic options appropriate for current and future market conditions.

We can assist you:

  • To run workshops focused on idea generation and identification of new opportunities
  • Mentor and coach you to be able to run your own workshops
  • Assist you to implement and utilise tools to collaborate internally and collect and evaluate new ideas from your entire organisation.
  • Assist you to incorporate environmental scanning and strategic foresight into your innovation efforts to focus your efforts and ensure a robust process.

Much of the output from your innovation processes can feed into your strategy formulation or new product development efforts.

If you would like to explore further how we can assist you with your strategic innovation, please contact us.

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