Ask better questions about the future- there is no correct answer to the wrong question

Wondering what’s next? What impacts will the current business environment have on the future of your business?

While we can’t predict the future, we can help you better prepare for the future. Working together, we examine the forces in your external environment, their likely impacts on your business and the strategic options available to help you prosper in the future. We can help you to identify both opportunities and possible risks.

The process of developing scenarios is a learning experience for all involved. Often the biggest barrier to change is the current thinking of the individuals within your organisation. In the present there are deadlines, conflicting agendas, resourcing and budgeting constraints. The day-to-day pressures often crowd out the opportunity to think strategically about the future.

Requiring dialogue at senior level about strategy and the assumptions behind strategy, it creates a shared vocabulary and understanding of the issues your organisation may face in the future. It creates a framework to identify the actions you need to take now to improve your business performance and develop indicators to alert you on the timing of initiatives.

Our speciality is assisting organisations and teams to improve their strategic thinking abilities and challenge their current assumptions and mental models about future business conditions. The future is not just more of the past! And these mental models and assumptions are what drive your organisation’s strategic decisions and actions.

In the scenario development process, the data your organisation has accumulated, extrapolated and analysed can be integrated into future environments to understand the complexity and uncertainty in a manner easily understood and communicated. Scenarios are then used as inputs into strategy formulation, new product development, market expansion and other strategic initiatives.

If you are interested in:

  • Determining the external forces most likely to impact your business.
  • Understanding the future possibilities and how your organisation might perform in the future.
  • Identifying opportunities and risks which you may face
  • Reviewing or developing strategies to enable your organisations future success.

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